I have so many ideas, so here’s a little interlude for a planning session.   With Christmas coming up, I have ideas for Christmas Cake blogs, I am working on one for a history of Christmas Cakes, and Mum will make a Christmas cake for the family. I want to make some strawberry and cream-cheese […]

The Colours of Christmas

The Festive Trifle in all it’s glory. The bright red jelly colouring the sponge base; the red raspberries, organic and picked locally, arranged lovingly between layers of custard and cream; and the yellow of the peaches nestled beneath. All topped off with organic, locally sourced walnuts. Made on Christmas Day, but – as family tradition […]

Trifle (for breakfast)

I thought that children were supposed to be up before parents on Christmas Day, but apparently not so here. Early on Christmas morning – and I mean early – Mum was in the kitchen making a start on the trifle preparations. By the time I found her in the kitchen, she had already made the […]