Red Velvet Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing

  Red Velvet Cupcakes. These had been frozen. When thawed, we topped them with a rich Buttercream icing.   These are the Red Velvet Cupcakes that Mum and I made when I visited her last time. The recipe is from Tomato Cafe (see a previous post on this). The recipe made so many cupcakes that […]

Red Velvet Cupcakes: a Success With My Workmates

  The Red Velvet Cupcakes that Mum and I made from the recipe kindly given to me by Tomato Cafe, found success with my workmates. I had just enough cupcakes to share out (10). My workmates are trained to hear food packets opening and cake-tin lids being removed and sniff out foodstuffs on our floor. […]

Red Velvet Cupcakes – Using a Recipe From Tomato Cafe

  The icing hadn’t gone according to plan which was disappointing – Mum and I iced them on a hot day and the cream-cheese icing softened quickly. But the taste overall was delicious. I can stop the search for a Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe. This is the one! The cross stitch cloth under the cupcakes […]

Red Velvet Cupcakes from Bluebell’s Cakery by Karla Goodwin

Red Velvet Cupcakes from the book Bluebells Cakery by Karla Goodwin. Bluebell’s Cakery is a boutique bakery in Auckland, New Zealand. Karla trained at Primrose Bakery in London.     These cupcakes have a nice cake consistency moist yet spongey. Because the cake was red and the icing was white with red hearts sprinkled on top, Mum […]