Raspberry Smoothie (incorporating ‘Fresh As’ Freeze-Dried Raspberry Powder)

    Mum and I love going shopping at Vetro, a specialty food store. Last time we were there I happened across a range of freeze-dried fruits and fruit powders made by New Zealand company, Fresh As. The freeze-dried products are available in a variety of flavours and all looked very tempting so it took […]

Instant Feijoa Ice-cream by Nadia Lim

      This recipe makes quite a lot of ice-cream, and it is a nice light caramel colour. We were still eating this ice-cream for dessert several nights after we first made it. We found that the flavour keeps getting better and stronger as time goes on. So it is good to make ahead […]

Dessert – Instant Icecream

But we didn’t stop there!  Dessert was lined up on the menu to be Instant Icecream.  And instant it is.  This recipe only involves 3 ingredients – fruit, soy milk, and icing sugar and is ready to eat about a minute after you start making it!  It is also very versatile and almost any fruit can be used.  (This […]