Christmas Cake Recipe (CT’s)

Christmas Cake (CT’s)     This was my late-aunt CT’s recipe, and she was given it by a friend. Mum favours this recipe as it is quick to make and it is versatile because a variety of ingredients can be added or removed.         ¼ lb of butter 1 cup sugar 1 […]

Christmas Cake Recipe (Uncle Charlie’s)

Christmas Cake Recipe (Uncle Charlie’s)   This recipe is from Mum’s first recipe book. The recipe has been in the family for some time. As far as we know it came from Uncle Charlie (Mum’s Uncle, my Great-Uncle), who was Mum’s father’s younger brother. He had a bakery or a general store. It may have […]

Mum’s Christmas Cake Recipe

Mum’s Christmas Cake Recipe:   Most years I miss out on the important tradition of making the Christmas Cake with Mum, so this year I was determined to be part of the process. It is also nice to be able to make a wish while stirring the dry ingredients into the fruit mixture. As a […]