Peach Melba (and variations on a theme)

The Peach Melba was created for the Australian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba in the 1890s by French chef Auguste Escoffier, at the Savoy Hotel in London. His first version of what became the Peach Melba was fresh peaches and vanilla icecream (including a swan carved out of ice). Several years later he changed this […]

“Mum’s Delicious Christmas Cake With Butterscotch Sauce and Cream”

  Mum said this should be called “Mum’s Delicious Christmas Cake With Butterscotch Sauce and Cream”. This title is very descriptive and true, and sums it up nicely, so that’s what the title will be. In fact it was so good, that the photo above represents how fast we ate it (and cleaned the plate). […]

Crunchie Bar Icecream

Now for something not so healthy….. This is the most simple and easy to make icecream. Even simpler than the Instant Icecream recipe (see previous blog). It is also addictive – dangerously so. It sets well without forming ice crystals. After tasting this I was inspired to think of different variations – such as: mars […]

Dessert – Instant Icecream

But we didn’t stop there!  Dessert was lined up on the menu to be Instant Icecream.  And instant it is.  This recipe only involves 3 ingredients – fruit, soy milk, and icing sugar and is ready to eat about a minute after you start making it!  It is also very versatile and almost any fruit can be used.  (This […]