Red Velvet Cupcakes – Using a Recipe From Tomato Cafe

  The icing hadn’t gone according to plan which was disappointing – Mum and I iced them on a hot day and the cream-cheese icing softened quickly. But the taste overall was delicious. I can stop the search for a Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe. This is the one! The cross stitch cloth under the cupcakes […]

Strawberry Santa Hat Brownies

    This recipe came from the New Zealand Woman’s Day issue of 9 December, 2013. I was going to make the Strawberry and Cream Cheese Santas again for Christmas (see a previous blog for this recipe), but came across this one instead. I see that a local bakery, Breadworks, made these Santa Hat Brownies […]

Spring Farmers’ Market

It is always a joy to visit the local Sunday Farmers’ Market. Especially on a Spring morning under a sunny blue sky. I had been to the same exact site the day before for an Edible Gardens show. The wind was strong then, but on this morning it had fortunately died down and was a […]

Kahlua Almond Tiramisu

  This is a recipe that Mum and I have made a couple of times. The recipe is from a ‘gossip magazine’ food section. We have modified the recipe each time we made it, so the piece of paper I have is scrawled on and measurements are changed and changed again. We think it is […]

Supermarket versus Farmers’ Market : Part 2

The Farmers’ Market: One sunny January morning we set out to pick raspberries and blueberries at a berry farm. It was shut. As it turned out this was fortuitous as we headed off to the local Farmers’ Market instead. An impromptu visit can sometimes be the most rewarding as there are fewer expectations […]