How to Make a Christmas Snow Globe

    This snow globe was fun to construct and Mum and I had a great time crafting it one afternoon. The snow globe didn’t cost much to make with the trees costing $3.20 each and the glass jar $2.50, and all the other items we already had available. The ‘snow’ is made from coconut […]

Pear and Orange Breakfast

    This recipe is healthy and delicious. I really like the coconut and orange flavours together, and the orange zest, juice, and pulp provides an intense, bright citrusy zing to start the day. The flavour combination in every mouthful is different, adding a nice bit of interest to each spoonful. Mum found the original […]

Coconut Shards (Recipe by Ray McVinnie)

    These are very similar to brandy snaps but are cooked in the oven in one large ‘sheet’ and then broken up into shards. I came across this recipe in the glossy supplement of the Sunday Newspaper. It is a recipe by Ray McVinnie, Cuisine Magazine’s Food Editor, and MasterChef judge. Mum and I […]

Christmas Crafts: Snow-Globe Forest Scene

    This is a snow globe, but without the water. I had seen this idea in the book Australian Women’s Weekly Christmas Cooking (AWW), published in 2013. I had several months in which to make it before Christmas, but had trouble locating suitable jars and small realistic looking pine trees. Mum solved the jar […]