Grandma’s Cheese Drop Scones

    These are called ‘Drop Scones’ because the consistency of the mixture is softer than regular scones and the mixture is ‘dropped’ off a spoon onto the baking tray rather than the scone dough being cut or formed into shapes. If you want larger scones rather than spoon-sized ones, just double the amount on […]

Morning Teas for the Painters

  For the past couple of weeks Mum and her neighbour (T) have had a crew of painters painting the roof and the outside of their houses. Mum and T have been providing home-baked goods for the painters morning teas. I was introduced to the painters – “Chunks” and his Crew – last time I […]

The Trouble With Takeaways : or Why I Don’t Like Eating Out

  This first tale involves a burger bar that does not sell average burgers. It is a franchise that prides itself on selling “gourmet” burgers. So gourmet, in fact, that they put in extra toppings for free resulting in making me take about 5 years before I could face another burger. And even to this […]