Salted Caramel Salada Crackers


Salted CrackersSalted Caramel Crackers

Broken up Salted Caramel Salada Crackers in squares and triangles.


Salted Caramel Crackers cross-section

Cross-section of the crackers – the caramel melts between the perforations and holes of the Salada cracker during cooking, and caramelizes on the base.



Salada crackers are ideal for this recipe as they are plain, large, pre-salted crackers that have indentations so they break into 4 even pieces.

During my rigorous and ‘scientific’ testing, to determine the perfect chocolate for the topping, (which consequently involved consuming many of these biscuits), I discovered that chocolate chips are the winner, because they are convenient to sprinkle on and the chocolate sets nicely too. You can also use chocolate melts or buttons, but avoid soft chocolate, such as 70%, as it is too soft and won’t set properly enough for the topping.

These chocolate and caramel coated crackers are great to make as gifts.





6 Salada Crackers

125g butter

½ cup brown sugar

160g chocolate chips


  1. Line an expandable sponge roll/slice tin with baking paper and place a single layer of Salada crackers in the base of the tin. Close the expandable tin up so it is as close to the sides of the biscuits as possible.


  1. In a saucepan, heat butter and sugar and boil for 3 minutes, until it is a nice caramel colour.  Pour over crackers, and spread in an even layer, not too thick (you don’t want the caramel too thick or it makes the biscuits hard to eat because the caramel sets as a hard toffee, consequently, you may not need to use all the caramel if you think the caramel layer is thick enough to coat the biscuits to just give them a nice ‘snap’ when they are broken up and bitten into).


  1. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 10-12 minutes. The caramel will bubble, and make sure to watch it in the final few minutes to make sure it doesn’t start to turn brown.


  1. Sprinkle chocolate chips over crackers as soon as pan comes out of the oven. Allow to stand for a few moments and then spread chocolate evenly with a spatula over the pan. Let cool and harden.


  1. Break cooled biscuits up into random pieces, or if you want even pieces, snap into squares using the pre-formed break marks in the Salada cracker. You can also break them smaller – into triangles – by scoring the backs of the squares with a knife, from corner to corner, then snap into triangles.


  1. Keep biscuits in a sealed container at room temperature or, for extra crispiness and snap, store them in the fridge.



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