Ideas for Christmas Craft and Displays in Public Spaces – (recycling theme)

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Here’s a few ideas for Christmas craft and decorations for display in public spaces….and the theme is recycling. All items here are made with recycled magazines, CDs, books, and even a living tree.


Christmas Trees made out of Magazines and books:


These are made from recycling well-used TV Guides:


Magazine trees


This is two Woman’s Weekly magazines glued together:

Magazine Tree


Instructions to make these trees can be found here:



A tree made out of recycled CDs:

To make the trunk of the tree, cover boxes in wrapping paper.


CD Tree



A book-tree made out of a stack of discarded books:


Book Tree


An Outdoors Living Christmas Tree

Create an ‘eco-Christmas Tree’ by decorating a living tree. This one is an espaliered japonica in my Mum’s garden that has lost its leaves, and has been given a new lease of life with decorations of silver and green tinsel, red baubles, small red cherries on wire, silver stars, and white painted pine cones sprinkled with glitter.


Eco Outdoors Christmas Tree


Have a happy and safe Holiday Time.



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