Feijoa Whip




This dessert’s texture falls somewhere between mousse and marshmallow. I suspect this is a fairly old recipe, which among other ingredients includes lemon jelly being added to cooked feijoas, and then mixed with whipped evaporated milk – this may sound like an odd combination, but it is really tasty.

Evaporated milk is made from milk that has approximately 60% of water removed, to make it concentrated and thicker, and high in calcium. For this recipe we used a can of Carnation brand evaporated milk, made by Nestle. When whipped, evaporated milk has a lovely fluffy consistency, and whips up to just over twice its volume. Because of this, the recipe made a lot more than I was expecting….so we ate Feijoa Whip not only for dessert, but for breakfasts as well…



A serving suggestion – Feijoa Whip for breakfast with fresh feijoas, stewed feijoas, lemon yoghurt, chopped walnuts, and almond meal. This makes an extra tasty combination.




REMEMBER: to place the can of evaporated milk in the fridge to chill before making this recipe.


Makes about 10 servings


1 ½ cups feijoa pulp

¾ cup sugar

1 (85g) packet lemon jelly crystals

1 cup evaporated milk, well chilled

salt (pinch)


  1. Place feijoa pulp in a saucepan with the sugar. Bring to the boil, then remove from the heat and stir in the jelly crystals until dissolved.


  1. Chill until beginning to set.


  1. Whip evaporated milk and salt until very stiff.


  1. Fold in jelly mixture and pile in a serving dish.


  1. Chill until set.


  1. Garnish with sliced feijoas.


  1. Feijoa Whip is nice served with extra feijoas, either fresh, or as I prefer with this recipe, stewed feijoas. To stew enough feijoas for this dessert, add ¾ cup of feijoa pulp to a saucepan with 2 tablespoons of sugar and a tiny bit of water, and set on a low heat until well cooked.




As a suggestion, use the leftover evaporated milk to make a small baked cheesecake. This one was lemon flavoured, and we used the recipe on the Carnation evaporated milk can, but reduced the amount of ingredients. You can view the full recipe here:






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