Turkish Delight and Strawberries




The flavours of strawberry and Turkish delight go really well together. It’s even better with a bit of chocolate! So I used Walkers of London Chocolate covered Turkish Delights, which are squares of thin Turkish delight, encased in a crisp shell of chocolate. I halved these squares from corner to corner to create a triangle. Cut the bases off the strawberries so they sit flat on a plate, then cut a groove in the top and place a piece of Turkish delight or chocolate covered Turkish delight into the groove.

I crushed a green mint-flavoured aero bar and sprinkled it around the plate. These bars crush really well especially if they are frozen first. The green aero bar not only provides extra colour, but the strawberries also taste good dipped in the crushed pieces, as it also adds a hint of mint flavour.



As an alternative, try Strawberry and Turkish Delight Kebabs:



I used chocolate covered Turkish delight out of the Roses boxes of chocolates made by Cadbury. These chocolates are round, and I cut the edges off to form a square, which also reveals the Turkish delight under the covering of chocolate. Thread these onto small skewers alternating a piece of strawberry and a piece of Turkish delight.


Give these two Turkish delight and strawberry ideas a go, they are easy to make and taste delicious. Enjoy!

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