Raspberry and Peach Instant Ice-cream (also known as “Trifle” or “Peach Melba Ice-cream”)



Incorporating ingredients of raspberry, peach, cream, and custard, this ice-cream can be known as either “Trifle Ice-cream”, or “Peach Melba Ice-cream”. The ice-cream in the photo above has a topping of extra Raspberry Sauce.


This ice-cream is really easy to make – just gather the ingredients together and pop them in the freezer, then when you are ready to make the ice-cream, it’s just a matter of throwing everything in a food processor, and it’s done, which is why this is called ‘Instant Ice-cream’!

The flavours were born out of an idea that kept snowballing. Mum and I were planning to make a raspberry ice-cream, with the main ingredient being a Raspberry Sauce we had made the day before (see recipe here: https://www.inthekitchenwithmum.com/2015/02/raspberry-sauce/

As we sat outside in the bright summer sunshine, discussing this ice-cream idea over crossword puzzles and lunch, we added and changed ingredients to come up with the following recipe. To plump out the ice-cream, we decided to add peaches. We had cream in the fridge so, decided to add that (instead of soy milk), and thought we would throw in a bit of custard for good measure. Now we had a flavour combination of raspberry, peach, cream, and custard, so we decided this may as well be called “Trifle Ice-cream” or “Peach Melba Ice-cream”.


The flavours in this ice-cream are very nicely balanced – the raspberry flavour is foremost in the ice-cream, smooth and tasting of summer, and providing a bit of tartness to the sweet peach. Peach provides a subtlety of flavor and lends a lovely delicate peach fragrance to the ice-cream.





½ cup canned peach slices in clear juice, or fresh peaches, skinned

½ cup raspberry sauce

1/8 cup cream

1/8 cup custard

¼ cup icing sugar


  1. Cut the peaches into small chunks, and spread in a freezer-proof container. Add raspberry sauce to the container in a thin layer.




  1. Mix the cream and custard together and spread in a thin layer in another freezer-proof container.


  1. Measure out the icing sugar. Place all ingredients in the freezer. (The icing sugar doesn’t have to go in the freezer to chill, but it’s handy to measure it out now and keep all the ingredients together in the freezer).


  1. To make the ice-cream – break up the frozen ingredients into pieces (you may have to run a bit of hot water over the bottom of the container first to loosen the contents), and add into a food processor bit by bit. Add in icing sugar.


  1. Keep processing until the mixture is smooth. Any left-over ice-cream can be frozen, but I guarantee there won’t be any left!



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