Quick Raspberry Trifle




Preparing a quick raspberry trifle on Christmas Day is a firm family Christmas tradition. This is so we can fulfill another more important task – the tradition of eating the trifle for Boxing Day breakfast! (we do serve the trifle with fresh fruit as well – blueberries, strawberries, and extra raspberries).

Another tradition is that Mum picks the fresh raspberries on Christmas Eve, especially for the trifle; she gets up early and joins the long queue at the local berry farm with the rest of the local population. For the chocolate garnish, I have created my own tradition of grating scorched almonds over the top of the trifle as this adds roasted nut flavours, and there are always some scorched almonds to be found around the house on Christmas Day!


The following recipe is the trifle we make which is very quick to prepare. This raspberry trifle has fresh raspberries, raspberry jam, and raspberry jelly.






Fresh raspberries

Raspberry Jam

2 packets of raspberry jelly (and boiled water, 16 ice cubes)

Can of peach slices in clear juice

Packet of custard

Cream, whipped with sugar and vanilla essence

Chocolate (or scorched almonds), grated for garnish

Walnuts, chopped for garnish



  1. Whip the cream with ½ teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence.


  1. Spread the raspberry jam over the whole sponge. Cut the sponge into cubes.




  1. Place sponge cubes in the bottom of a bowl, and pack the cubes tightly.


  1. Make the raspberry jelly using 2 packets of jelly and 2 cups of boiling water. Dissolve the jelly crystals then add 16 ice cubes to cool the water down quickly.


  1. Pour jelly over the sponge in the bowl making sure all the sponge is covered and soaked through. Keep pouring the jelly on until the level of the jelly is at the top of the sponge. You may not need all the jelly.




  1. Place bowl of sponge and jelly in fridge to let the jelly set.


  1. When the jelly is set, place a layer of peach slices on top of jellied sponge.


  1. Next, add a layer of custard.


  1. Then place a layer of fresh raspberries on top of the custard.


  1. Cover with a layer of whipped cream.


  1. For garnish, add grated chocolate, and chopped walnuts.




Here’s Mum raspberry picking – “I’ll wear a bright top so you can see me down the rows of raspberry canes”!




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