How to make a Tissue Paper Pom-Pom




I thought tissue paper pom-poms looked complicated to construct until I tried making them and found that they are surprisingly easy and quick to make. They look really effective strung together in a bunch, and can transform a room for a party, such as engagement parties and weddings. You can colour theme the pom-poms for events such as Halloween with black and orange tissue paper, or make Christmas decorations using green, red, and white, silver, or gold. A bunch of these pom-poms will add style to any occasion, for both indoor and outdoor settings.

To add extra decorative flair to your venue, string up ribbons as a backdrop to the pom-poms – just tie long lengths of ribbon to string and hang them up, so you have lots of long lengths of ribbon hanging in a curtain.




I used 10 sheets of tissue paper for the pom-pom in the above photo. Using more layers will create a fuller pom-pom, but 12 layers is probably the maximum or the pom-pom will be too difficult to pleat and the layers will be too thick to cut with scissors.



I like the stripy effect in the pom-pom in the above photo and you can play around and try tissue papers with printed patterns, or single colours, or even multi-colours by combining and layering different coloured tissue papers in the stack before folding.

Try adding colour effects by dipping the edges in watered down food colouring or watercolour paint, or spray-on dyes.



When you get familiar with making these, try bigger or smaller pieces of tissue paper to create different sized pom-poms. Tissue paper is sold in many places in sheets of 50 x 75cm and this is a good size for a large pom-pom.



To give a different effect on the edges of the tissue paper instead of rounding the edges, try cutting other patterns into the ends, such as points or chevrons, or the top of a heart shape.






A note on the sheets of tissue paper: I used a pack of 5 sheets measuring 65cm x 50cm, and folded these in half and cut them down the middle to give a stack of 10 sheets in total. This made a pom-pom approximately 30cm diameter.


10-12 sheets tissue paper

5mm wide ribbon




  1. Lay the separate sheets of tissue paper on top of each other.


  1. Start on the shorter edge of the paper and fold the tissue in concertina-style folds about 2.5cm (1 inch) wide, creasing each fold flat.




  1. When all the paper has been pleated, fold the pleated tissue in half to find the mid-point. Take the ribbon and tie it around the central point of the paper several times and knot securely. Make sure the ribbon has long enough ends, as it will be used to hang the pom-pom with.




  1. Draw a curved shape with the pencil at both ends of the pleated tissue paper. Use the scissors to cut out the curved shape at both ends.




  1. Very carefully start opening and separating the layers of tissue paper. Pull them away from the centre one at a time to shape the pom-pom. Separate each layer gently as the paper can tear easily.




  1. Finally, arrange the paper layers and puff up the pom-pom to create a ball shape.



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