How to Make a Silver and White Paper Christmas Wreath


This paper Christmas Wreath is made out of many many strips of white and silver paper. Every fifth piece of paper I threaded on was a silver one, and the red ribbon has bendy wire encased in the edgings, to help the bow keep its shape. Making this wreath was very time consuming but the end result was well worth the effort.




EQUIPMENT needed to make the paper Christmas wreath:


A4 sheets of white paper

Silver paper

Paper cutter

Round of wire, approx. 26cm diameter

Fine bendable wire, (to bind the ends of the wire circle together to finish)

Ribbon (look for one with wire in the edges so the bow keeps its shape)

Sticky tape

Crop-A-dile tool, or other hole-punching tool

[A ‘Crop-A-dile’ is a tool used in scrapbooking, made by the company We R Memory Keepers (the tool with the pink handles in the photo below). This tool was excellent because it has a built in adjustable depth gauge, so it is easy to get every hole punched in the same spot. I used the small 1/8” (3mm) hole-punch on the Crop-A-dile.]




  1. Cut a length of wire and bend to form a circle approximately 26cm diameter.


  1. Cut sheets of white A4 paper into 2.5cm (1 inch) wide strips along the short side of the sheet. Cut silver strips the same size.


  1. To fold the paper strips and punch the holes, make a circle with the strip of paper, so the ends overlap about 2cm then press down in the centre where the ends overlap (similar to forming a bow). Using a hole-punching tool, make a hole in the centre of the ‘bow’, as in the following photo:



TIP: before punching the holes, hold all the strips of paper in a bundle on their sides, and mark a thin pencil line across the mid-point (which is 10.5cm in from either end), as in the following photo:


This pencil mark is a guide to work to when forming the ‘bow’ so the bow turns out even each time. After making the circle with the overlapping ends out of the strip of paper, just find the tiny pencil mark on the ‘loop’ of paper and bring it in to match up with the centre of the overlapping ends, then punch the hole.


  1. Thread the paper onto the wire in the form of the bow. I made every fifth addition of paper a silver one.


  1. When enough paper strips have been added to fill up the wire, overlap the ends of the wire circle together and finish by binding a thin wire tightly around the overlap. Tightly wrap sticky tape over the wire to ensure it stays together.


  1. Finish the wreath by adding a decorative bow over the join in the wire, and attach extra ribbon to hang the wreath up by.


  1. And it’s done!


Christmas wreath


Hang the wreath on a door (on a dry day, or under cover!) :




Please view my Silver and White Paper Christmas Pom-Pom as well, which is a similar construction to the Christmas wreath.


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