Christmas-Themed 5-Pointed Origami Stars




I really love the look of the 5-pointed origami star and I have made these so many times I can make these with no instructions at all.  The base shape to start with is a pentagon, which is folded and unfolded many times to create the final star – follow the links for instructions on how to make the pentagon shape here:

And find instructions for folding the 5-pointed origami stars here:

I have played with a few ideas here to give the origami stars a Christmas theme so they can be used as Christmas decorations or gift-tags on Christmas presents.

For example, the following photos show:

  • how adding Christmas patterned washi tape onto a plain white paper star and folding the remainder onto the back of the star makes a very effective pattern by itself;
  • you can make your own paper out of Christmas carols in music score format;
  • foil wrapping paper is great for folding and I found some beautiful silver wrapping paper to make a larger silver star;
  • make your own paper with a Christmas message in coloured lettering and print it out.



Christmas washi tape applied to plain white paper origami stars…



…washi tape folded over the back of the star:



Taped together these make a lovely 10-pointed star Christmas decoration:



I made my own Christmas paper out of a photocopied Christmas carol (in this case, “Good King Wenceslas”) in music-score format:



I made my own Christmas paper by creating a document with ‘Merry Christmas’ repeated in green then printing it out:



A larger star made out of silver and white patterned engagement or wedding wrapping paper:




We had a ‘Christmas Emergency’ at work – we had a Christmas tree beautifully decorated and nothing to adorn the top of the tree. So I rushed off and made a large origami star, while a colleague went to find glue and silver glitter. Several minutes later our Christmas tree in the staff room had a glittering decoration. Just another use for the 5-pointed origami star!


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