5-Pointed Origami Star Gift-Tags or Decorations with Christmas Washi Tape




I love working with washi tape and found a great use for my Christmas-themed tapes by adding them to plain white paper origami stars. I decorated the stars with a variety of bold patterns and in a colour theme of red, green, and white.

I played around with this idea for washi tape origami stars in a previous blog post. This time I concentrated on making lots of these stars to give away as Christmas gift-tags. The nice thing about these is that the receiver of the gift-tag can also re-use it as a Christmas decoration, which adds another thoughtful dimension to the gift:





  • First, make the stars out of plain white 80gsm paper. The instructions can be found here: https://www.inthekitchenwithmum.com/2015/01/how-to-fold-origami-5-pointed-stars/
  • The stars I made were approximately 11cm tall when finished.
  • Then add the washi tape to the folded star by starting the tape near the centre of the star and then following the straight line of an origami fold to a star point. Cut the tape straight at the end of the point.
  • Turn the star over and fold the remaining washi tape onto the back of the star and trim the excess off.
  • Punch a small hole in the top of a star point and thread some bakers’ twine through, and tie a knot.



  • Cut circles to place on the back of the star. You want the circles to just fit nicely on the back so they are as large as you can make them, but the edges don’t show from the front. Glue the circle in place with glue tape. This creates a space big enough to write a message if you like:






Here’s a gift packaging idea – Attach the gift-tag origami washi tape stars to Christmas gift-bags:



  • Take a cellophane bag and place washi tape on the bottom end on both sides of the bag. (I chose a washi tape with colours that complimented the decorations on the cookie).
  • Place the gift (cookie) in the bag and place washi tape along the top edge, so the washi tape extends halfway over the top edge of the bag. Turn the bag over and place washi tape directly over the first piece to seal the bag shut. Trim off excess washi tape.
  • Write your personal message on the circle on the back of the origami star, then attach the star to the cellophane bag by punching a small hole through the top of the washi taped bag, and tie the star on with bakers’ twine.

I like the idea of repurposing things: the bag can be re-used, and the star gift-tag becomes an extra gift as it can be removed from the bag and hung on a Christmas tree as a lasting decoration.


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