Washi Tape Covered Wooden ‘Christmas Pegs’


I have written in an earlier article about Mum’s wooden pegs*, which have become a family in-joke (search for ‘pegs’ on my website), and this time, as a bit of fun, I decided to surprise her with an array of ‘Christmas Pegs’ to brighten up her peg basket.

These washi tape pegs can also be used to hold up Christmas cards, or used as place name holders as part of a Christmas table setting.







*(This time I found the named wooden pegs ‘Miss Peggy’ and ‘Peg-asus’, but unfortunately the rest of the named pegs seem to be missing. Mum got very worried when she couldn’t find her favourite, ‘Peggy Sue’)


Please take a look at my next article which includes washi tape as well: washi tape Christmas Cards.

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