Christmas Tree made with LED Lights in Jars





Sparkling lights add a touch of magic at Christmas.

For this project I created a ‘Christmas Tree’ out of six stacked-up jars in a pyramid shape. Each jar contains a set of battery-powered lights with 20 LED bulbs.

The LED lights I used were three sets of bright-white and two sets of warm-white, and one set of multi-coloured lights in the jar that sits at the top of the ‘Christmas tree’. The warm-white lights have a golden hue and the bright-white have a silvery hue, gold and silver making them lovely Christmas-time colours.

These look much better in real-life than in the photo above and it was really hard to capture how good this ‘Christmas Tree’ actually looks.



Being budget conscious, I walked all around town to hunt out the best deals and I managed to buy everything with huge price reductions:

  • JARS:  ECO conserve 500ml jars just $2.50 each (on sale at 50% off!) at Briscoes. These jars are a very handy size with good seals and can be used later for kitchen goods.
  • LIGHTS:  Also from Briscoes, the lights were $4.19 per pack of 20 LED lights (on sale at 30% off).  Bunnings Warehouse had the 20 LED multi-coloured lights for just $3.00, including batteries! (but they had sold out of white and warm-white lights).

TIP: Look for lights that only need one or two batteries, not the ones that need three, or the space in the jar will be taken up by battery packs also you don’t want to use too many batteries or this gets expensive.

  • BATTERIES:  The lights I used take two AA-sized batteries each, and this is what bumped up the cost in the whole project, (look out for when batteries go on sale, and it is always good to have batteries on hand anyway).


This ‘Christmas Tree’ can also be made using short drinking glasses, or other glass containers, rather than jars.


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