Christmas Cupcake Decorating



Ain’t these cute! Box of Christmas-themed cupcakes decorated with buttercream icing :



Petit Fours offer Christmas cupcake decorating classes, so my work-mates and I went along to test our skills. We had so much fun, and the whole experience was delightful. We will certainly be signing up for more!


Here’s a closer look at the examples I decorated:


Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. A very effective decoration, and surprisingly simple to create.



Christmas Tree cupcake. A chocolate cupcake with mint flavoured green buttercream icing, silver cashous as Christmas Tree decorations, and topped with a small green candy Christmas Tree. This one had the largest amount of buttercream icing, so naturally, I ate this one first!



Christmas Star cupcake. An elegant looking cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing, blue and white sprinkles, silver edible glitter, and adorned with a white Christmas star. This cupcake contains lemon curd in the centre.



Pink ‘ribbon’ iced cupcake. Strawberry flavoured buttercream icing on a pink cupcake. Sprinkled with pink edible glitter and a silver cashou.



Rose cupcake. Pink and purple blended buttercream icing with pink and purple sprinkles and pink edible glitter. Inside the cupcake is a dollop of salted caramel sauce.



Orange and yellow flower cupcake. This is a very beautiful floral decoration, with two-tone buttercream icing and, topped with orange and yellow sprinkles, and silver edible glitter.



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