Celebrating Spring-time with Cake



Spring has sprung! As it is officially the first day of Spring, I wanted to share a photo of a beautiful floral cake that celebrates the arrival of spring. The pretty cake I am referring to features on the cover of the September issue of Taste New Zealand Magazine. Unfortunately…… due to copyright protections, and the cake not being posted on the Taste website (yet), I can only describe it.


The title is: Baked Ricotta Cake with Spring Flower Jelly.

On-topĀ of a creamy coloured plain ricotta cake, sits a thick layer of clear jelly containing vibrantly coloured edible flowers – primulas, dianthus, and viola. The jelly is made of 9 gelatine leaves, sugar, water, and lemon juice. This has been set in stages over 8 hours with flowers placed in after each setting stage, so the flowers are evenly distributed throughout the jelly. The effect is stunning and more like artwork than baking.

Look out for the September Taste magazine featuring this amazing pretty floral cake and the recipe.


Credit goes to Fiona Hugues for the recipe and food styling, and to Jani Shepherd for the original photographs of the cake.


If the cake is ever featured on the Taste website, I will post a link to it here. It is well worth admiring.



And, after much anticipation…..here it is:




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