Whittakers and Griffins Cookie Bear Hundreds and Thousands Chocolate Block




Whittakers is a well respected New Zealand chocolate company. Griffins produce the iconic and well-recognised Cookie Bear hundreds and thousands biscuits, which are vanilla biscuits covered in pink icing with multi-coloured hundreds and thousands sprinkles on top. These two companies have joined forces to bring us a chocolate block based on the hundreds and thousands biscuits.

This is a limited edition chocolate block with a base of white chocolate, coloured a delicate shade of pink, incorporating tiny hundreds and thousand sprinkles and chunks of broken biscuits.





I had heard about this chocolate through friends and thought it was a rumour, as it was too good to be true. Everyone began talking about this chocolate and I was curious too. I do often keep hundreds and thousands biscuits in my drawer at work (always good for morning tea, plus snacks, in-between snacks, plus afternoon tea). How would a chocolate based on these biscuits look and taste? Locating this chocolate took a bit of time as not all stores stock it. But, finally at Taradale New World Supermarket, there was a large and obvious display at the end of an isle which couldn’t be missed. So the rumour was true! There it was at long last (and isn’t it typical that just when I wasn’t actually looking for the chocolate, of course, there it was – I was actually looking for wine). Finding it was like finding the holy grail of chocolates. At the supermarket checkout, the girl scanning our goods asked if I had tried the chocolate before. She said if I liked white chocolate, then I would be sure to like this chocolate (well, I like all chocolate).

Tasting notes: the chocolate was sweet (obviously), but more so because it was white chocolate; it was slightly crunchy with the addition of the hundreds and thousands; it had nice biscuity interludes with the biscuit pieces mingled into the chocolate (I do like chocolate with biscuit in it); and it did taste like the icing on the Griffins hundreds and thousands biscuits. Which set me to thinking of other possibilities for biscuit and chocolate combinations: Griffins Shrewsbury biscuit – white chocolate with broken up biscuit pieces and little pockets of raspberry jam, or Griffins Squiggles biscuits in milk chocolate with pieces of candy and a chocolate mousse. And I do like the idea of something based on the Gingernut biscuit!


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