Paper Craft: Green and Blue Daisy Chain



These are fun to make, even if they are fiddly to put together, but once made, these flower strings do look effective.


The arrangement I did for the flowers was: two blue, two green, two blue etc, and I did exactly the same on the other side, so the string of flowers looks the same from both sides when it twists around.


This photo shows both sides of the daisy chain with the colours matching and petals aligned, so it looks the same from both sides.



The equipment for making the daisy chain:




Fiskars flower punch (approx. 2 ½ cm diameter – almost 1 inch)

Glue (that dries clear)

Silver thread

Round hole punch (for making the round yellow flower centre) I used a Crop-A-Dile (with pink handles in the photo)*

Diamantés (that are smaller than the round yellow centre of the flower)



Coloured card in blue, green, and yellow


Punch blue and green flowers from card using the Fiskars flower punch.

Using a round punch, and yellow card, punch out lots of small round yellow circles for the centres of the flowers.

Using a clear-drying glue, carefully glue the small yellow circles to the centre of each flower. Using tweezers makes this a bit easier.

Take the thin silver thread and place it over the back centre of a flower, I aligned the thread so it ran through the gaps where the petal meets the flower centre, and out the opposite side. Place a small glue dot on top of the thread. Take a flower of the same colour and place over thread, aligning with petals of flower underneath. Press carefully. Measure along the thread however much space you want to leave between flowers. I measured 3 cm between where the silver thread left one flower to where it would be showing on the next flower in the chain.

When the string is at the desired length, place a diamanté in the centre of each flower on the yellow dot. The diamantes I used were pre-glued, which was great for ease of use and I used tweezers to position the diamantes in the correct spot.


All finished!

The daisy chain is ready to be strung along a wall or wherever you choose :





*The Crop-A-Dile is made by We R Memory Keepers and is a hole puncher for 1/8” and 3/16” holes, eyelet and snap setter all-in-one tool. It contains a depth gauge and it cuts through paper, fabric, and even thick board.


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