Rustic Bird-house


Here is the most gorgeously quaint bird-house which I spotted at a local garden centre. It features a tiny blue painted door, complete with doorknob, windows on all sides, and it even sports extra details on the rusty roof – eccentric chimneys, and a rusty crooked aerial. It is very provincial in appearance, having a rough-hewn look to the timber. In real-estate speak, it may be termed as a ‘bit of a doer-upper’, but birds can take up residence in a fanciful original piece of art. I find the bird-house to be appealing and amusing to look at, exuding a certain romantic charm.





It is not just simply a bird-box, it is literally a bird-house.



Someone had a quirky imagination to create this fantastical bird-house, and the personality of whoever made this features strongly in the design. The bird-house reminds me of drawings by Colin Thompson, whose pictures are full of whimsical ideas, and tiny details. The following image is drawn by Colin Thompson and is called ‘Bookshelf’. There is so much minutiae to look at, and even after you think you have seen it all, there is always something else that catches your eye. This image has been made into a jigsaw, which Mum and I had a lot of fun piecing together.


Bookshelf by Colin Thompson




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