How to: Make an Easter Bunny out of a Linen Napkin



Napkin Rabbit

I came across this Easter Bunny in a NZ House and Garden magazine. The full instructions and diagrams were on the website, so I decided to have a go. The magazine suggests using a napkin that is “not too heavy – starched linen or cotton is fine”. I used one of Mum’s damask napkins and gave it an iron first so the fabric was free of folds and would mould better. The napkin I used wasn’t starched, but still held its shape. This Easter Bunny makes a lovely and appropriate addition to an Easter-time table setting.


These are the instructions from the NZ House and Garden website :


For a larger and printable version you can find the instructions here at the NZ House and Garden website, which is also easier to read:



NZ House & Garden, April 2014, issue number 236, page 178.


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