Summer Visit to Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market : (my poor wallet)


I was determined not to buy anything this visit. As with a lot of well laid plans, this theory did not work out too well. The visit to the Market was as wonderful as usual and it was a great way to spend a morning in the sun with a friend and my Mum…but I purchased quite a few products (and had to borrow some money off Mum).


We started by purchasing a Hawthorne Coffee.

Next came the stall at Te Mata Figs where we purchased the Salame di Fichi (Fig and Almond), and also the Salame di Fichi (Fig and Walnut with Ginger). (We couldn’t decide which was nicer, so bought both). I meant to buy the Fig fruit leather but got distracted with the array of products and the samples.


Then the Damson Plum stall was next. It is becoming a tradition for us to buy a Damson Plum chocolate each, so we couldn’t pass up this opportunity. While there we noticed a new product – a Damson Plum cordial, and we were given a tasting sample. This was very nice, so I purchased this as well.


The cordial looks a very pretty colour in the sunlight.



My favourite chocolate stall was next – La Petite Chocolat. I had made a resolution not to eat chocolate unless it is from La Petite Chocolat. So, what could I do? I needed some chocolate. I bought the peppermint flavour made with 70% cacao from Ecuador. I have searched for an outlet shop in Havelock North but haven’t discovered one, so will have to keep coming back to the market to purchase this (or buy it online).


My friend and I sampled ciders made in Hastings by Edgebrook Cider. We liked the ‘Festive’ variety which was light and crisp. So out came the wallet again.


We couldn’t go past the opportunity to purchase some freshly picked corn cobs. It is nice to be able to talk to the growers and know where and when produce was picked. This was picked less than 24 hours ago. We have since had a couple of meals of this corn on the cob with plenty of butter “face butteringly good” as Mum said. And I can honestly say that this was the most beautiful corn ever. It was fresh and crisp and sweet and soft to the bite as well as being tender and juicy. If only all corn tasted like this did. (See my post on this very corn and how to cook it on the cob for a quick meal at: )


We looked for strawberries as we would have bought these if we could have found some, but the strawberry season has finished early this year.


So with no change left on me, (plus money owing to Mum), and bags weighing us down, we decided it was definitely time to head home. Until next time…


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