She Knows…


Mum knows what I have been up to now – I have finally shown her the blog. It has only taken three or so years, to get around to this, over which time I have slowly mentioned it. I just wasn’t ready yet.

I had taken the first step by getting a friend to read the blog on Figs. He was there with me at the Figgery, so I thought it would be a good test if he read it. He thought it was fine, so the next week when my brother was visiting me I took another step and showed him the blog. He sat for hours quietly reading the blogs, and chuckling away to himself at stages, and quoting bits out that he thought were worthy. He forgot all about what was on TV and was very interested in reading my ideas. I took this all to be a good sign. He was very approving, and I had told him that I can edit mentions of him out if he would prefer, but he didn’t mind being mentioned. Whew!

So when I visited Mum, the week after, I showed her. Mum was curious and was happy to read the products of our time spent baking and we sat for a long time going through posts and remembering things together. It all went well, which is a relief because trying to edit Mum out would be pointless! So now she has a better idea of what all the fuss with food photography is about and why I ask so many questions and take so many notes. I am so glad that everyone has liked my posts so far, because I enjoy writing them.



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