Corn on the Cob


This is a very quick and easy way to prepare a meal of corn on the cob.

This method of cooking the corn uses a microwave, (so there is no boiling of water, or cleaning of pots to take care of later). Plus the microwaving takes only 4 minutes compared to 10 minutes if the corn is boiled in a pot.


First prepare the corn by stipping any unneccessary bulky green leaves off and trimming the hard stalk at the base of the corn.

They should look like this:



Then place a single cob in the microwave for 4 minutes. Repeat this for the other cobs.


The corn will be extremely hot, so carefully strip the green layers away. The stringy corn fibres at the top are easy to remove in a clump as they are soft from being microwaved.

Melt butter on the corn, and add a sprinkling of pepper and salt.



This corn is from the Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market and was the most beautiful corn ever – tender and juicy! (For more information on this please see my next post on a visit to the Farmers’ Market).

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  1. […] Sweetcorn is a great addition to scrambled eggs as it adds sweetness and texture and makes scrambled eggs a more substantial dish. In this recipe you can use cooked corn sliced off the cob, canned corn (whole kernels or cream-style corn), or frozen corn. Mum and I used frozen sweetcorn to add into the scrambled eggs in the above photo. This was local sweetcorn grown last summer, and Mum stored the corn for the winter by cooking the cob in the microwave for 4 minutes, slicing the kernels off the cob, and then freezing them for future use. Full instructions for cooking corn in the microwave can be found here: […]

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