Summer Fruits Breakfast Bowl




Most mornings Mum and I have a bowl of chopped fruit with various toppings.


On this particular summer morning we decided to keep to just Summer Fruits.

The chopped fruits in the bowl included :







Raspberries (we picked ourselves)


Plus other fruit flavours of :

Lemon yoghurt (our favourite Puhoi brand made from New Zealand lemons)

Passionfruit syrup (with the pips strained out)

Apricot syrup


Plus chopped walnuts sprinkled on top, and some L.S.C (ground linseed, sunflower, and chia seeds)


In all this was 10 fruit flavours. We could have also added pineapple, apple, and banana, to bring the grand total up to 13, but kept to the summer fruits theme.


We took a tray of the summer fruits breakfast bowls and Bay Espresso coffees outside so we could enjoy the sunshine.


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