Christmas Crafts: Crochet doily lamps



Mum made these for Christmas this year. They are made from old style preserving jars with crocheted doilies glued to the outside, and a light placed inside the jar.


The jars were in Mum’s cupboards, and the doilies came from a second-hand shop. Any small doilies will look great, and there are some lovely examples out there waiting to be found in op-shops and second-hand shops. Mum had found some extra nice ones that looked more like the old lace-making techniques rather than all crocheted.


To stick them to the jars Mum used a “quilt basting spray”. This is a tacky spray on glue which holds the doilies on perfectly, and it is non-permanent, so if needed, they can still be removed and the spray washed off. The spray also allows for the repositioning of items, so they can be placed perfectly.

The spray is found in craft shops and the blurb on the side of the can says it is used to bond fabric to cotton or poly batting, patterns or templates or to position applique. The blurb on the can also says it saves crafters from having to baste and pin by hand.


After the crochet is stuck to the jar, Mum added finishing touches of bows around the jar tops, and little Christmas decorations. A lit candle can be placed inside (or any bulb candles, or lights of any kind) and at night they create a glow out through the crochet, giving off lovely patterns.


I would love to make my own crocheted doilies, and have had lessons. Mum taught me how to start crocheting and I am afraid to say I am a slow student at this, but I will keep practising. I am determined to make them, as Mum has a great collection of crocheted items and they are all so intricate and beautifully and skillfully crafted.




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