My Christmas Tree, 2013


I intended to put the Christmas Tree up on 1 December, but procrastinated as it is a large artificial tree, (that almost touches the ceiling), and is constructed out of many many many individual pieces. Each branch is assigned a letter that matches to letters on the trunk. It takes a lot of time to put together. The next day, we still hadn’t put it up and we commented that we needed an Engineer to construct it……..and voila!, with magical timing, my brother appeared out of the blue to visit from out of town. The great thing is that he has been an Engineer! His visit was a happy circumstance with loads of synchronicity. We roped him in to sorting out and constructing the trunk pieces and placing the many many Christmas Tree branches in the correct order. With great team-work the tree was up and decorated in a quarter of the time it usually takes.




The Christmas Tree, constructed with a lot of help.




[Mum’s Christmas Tree will follow in a later blog post.]




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