My iPeas



These have affectionately become known as the 5th Generation iPeas.

They would like to take the opportunity to thank the Apple Computer Company whose iPhones, iPods, iPads, and the multiple generations of these products, inspired their name.



The iPeas great-great-great-great grandparents were planted just over a year ago. In mid-November last year up until late December they were in full flourishing capacity. After the peas had finished producing, a Mountain Pawpaw was planted in the same pot and the same soil. A tough little, lone, pea popped up, died back due to winter conditions, then has restored its original factory settings, regenerated, and continued this cycle, popping up again over and over. They are now into their 5th generation, and are up to date with the latest generation of the iPhone, so they have gained the nickname the 5th Generation iPeas. Technically, because these iPeas have their own pods, maybe they are really iPods?


Speaking of iPods, the soundtrack to go with the iPeas is: “Give Peas a Chance” (based on “Give Peace a Chance”, the song by John Lennon.)

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