Kahlua Almond Tiramisu


This is a recipe that Mum and I have made a couple of times. The recipe is from a ‘gossip magazine’ food section. We have modified the recipe each time we made it, so the piece of paper I have is scrawled on and measurements are changed and changed again. We think it is about right now! Although you can never test enough tiramisu’s in my opinion.


This recipe uses no eggs, which is why I like it, because we have made other recipes which involved a long process of the beating of egg whites and folding it with something and the beating on the yolks and folding of this mixture, with that mixture.

This recipe is ‘almond tiramisu’, but the almonds are optional. We left the almonds out, just because we didn’t have any to hand.

We used a coffee liqueur rather than Kahlua.

We managed to get 3 layers of the sponge fingers, finishing with a layer of cream. The layers look nice when presented in a clear bowl.

(This is also nice for breakfast – after a healthy bowl of chopped fruit).


Tiramisu is Italian and it translates to ‘pick me up’.




Kahlua Almond Tiramisu


200 g of mascarpone

¼ cup Kahlua, plus 1 tablespoon extra

1/8 cup caster sugar

1 cup of whipped cream

½ cup of just boiled water

½ tablespoon instant coffee powder

200 g packet of sponge fingers (savoiardi biscuits) (may not need the whole packet)

Chocolate, grated (for the topping)

Flaked almonds (optional) (they can be toasted)


In a medium bowl, combine the mascarpone, kahlua and sugar.

Mix well and gently fold half the whipped cream through (if it is bit more, that is fine).

In a small dish (this is used for dipping the sponge fingers into, so if the dish is flat and wide it is easier), combine the boiled water and coffee until the coffee dissolves. Allow to cool. Stir the extra kahlua through.

Dip enough sponge fingers to make up the first layer, into the coffee mixture and arrange over the base of a dish or bowl.

Scatter over some flaked almonds. Spread with a 1/3 mascarpone mixture. Repeat layers using remaining ingredients. Finish top layer with the remaining whipped cream.

Chill the tiramisu. Serve sprinkled with grated chocolate and more almonds.


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