Chocolate Birthday Cake

 This is the wonderful cake Mum made for my birthday this year.


The recipe is called “Rose’s Chocolate Cake”**





I live two hours away from Mum, so over the phone she had asked me to choose what type of cake I wanted for my birthday this year. It always has to be chocolate, and the richer the chocolate the better. So I decided on a Chocolate Mud Cake.


The weekend before my birthday, Mum made the cake. Her plan was to make the cake quickly, and then go out for the rest of the afternoon. Best laid plans…..

There was a mishap with the mixture, and I would dearly have loved to have been there to see what happened next. The mixture was in the mixing bowl, and next thing it was sprayed and splattered all over the cupboards, oven, bench, and floor. Mum didn’t mention the window blinds, but if it had got there I’m sure there would have been swearing. I know from experience to wipe anything off the blinds quickly and not say a word!


She eventually got the mixture into the oven and made two cakes. I forgot to mention that before she could put the mixture in the cake tins, she needed two cake tins the same. She had one …..and I had the other. Ooops. So Mum made a special trip in to her sister’s house to borrow her cake tin. Then the cakes went into the oven.


Mum always goes out of her way to do something special for anyone, and the making of this cake proves this to be true again.


She split each in half and froze them until my visit.


I was there for the making of the chocolate buttercream filling, even if it was only to lick the buttercream off the beaters (which was my breakfast – it was my birthday, afterall).




The cake was wonderfully rich and had a fudgy consistency. Approval all around.

It was a cloudless blue sky day. Mum, my brother, and me sat in the sunshine and had cake and coffee.




** I am not sure where the recipe came from as Mum sticks her recipes into a scrapbook (she has three scrapbooks full now), and usually cuts off any extra information. Which annoys me no end – I like details.

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