Lentil Pie

Lentil Pie   When Mum asked “What shall we do for dinner?”, I immediately thought of Lentil Pie, as I had recently seen a recipe for this. The problem was I didn’t have the recipe with me. The basic ingredients that I could remember were carrot, celery and onion – the classic flavour base for […]

Noisy Neighbour

Noisy Neighbour   Mum has a really noisy neighbour. Separating their properties is a tin fence. Mum’s outdoor seating area is on one side and Noisy Neighbour’s double garage, shed, a rusty corrugated iron structure, and lawn area on the other. This area is his powertool/home-handyman’s playground. He loves his powertools and any outdoor equipment […]

Aubergine Stack on Rice

    This was not a written recipe that we followed, but something that Mum made up on the spot. She is great like that. It’s a real skill; she can look in the pantry and fridge and instantly suggest nutritious meals. (Whereas some people, like me, look in the pantry and all they see […]

Kahlua Almond Tiramisu

  This is a recipe that Mum and I have made a couple of times. The recipe is from a ‘gossip magazine’ food section. We have modified the recipe each time we made it, so the piece of paper I have is scrawled on and measurements are changed and changed again. We think it is […]

Chocolate Birthday Cake

 This is the wonderful cake Mum made for my birthday this year.   The recipe is called “Rose’s Chocolate Cake”**       I live two hours away from Mum, so over the phone she had asked me to choose what type of cake I wanted for my birthday this year. It always has to […]