The Colours of Christmas

The Festive Trifle in all it’s glory.

The bright red jelly colouring the sponge base; the red raspberries, organic and picked locally, arranged lovingly between layers of custard and cream; and the yellow of the peaches nestled beneath. All topped off with organic, locally sourced walnuts.

Made on Christmas Day, but – as family tradition dictates – devoured for breakfast on Boxing Day.

To be savoured: as this delicious, festive specialty occurs only once a year.

The fridge door: This says it all.

A little ‘offering’….(and a little off-putting)

Distinctive by their Christmas colours, these round pellets appeared around the indoor-plant just before Christmas. Obviously, they can only be…Reindeer poo. After a lot of head-shaking accompanied by ‘tut-tutting’ noises of disapproval we have made mental notes to inform Santa that he must keep a closer eye on his reindeer – especially if he is going to let them indoors.

Whist it may be unfair to make a connection between these brightly festively-coloured pellets and Santa’s reindeer, I have it on good authority that these appear every year at the same time as the presents appear under the tree.

They can take their “business” elsewhere (but leave the presents first!)

Relegation and Relocation:

PS: the hideous chocolates from last Christmas have disappeared from under the couch. We dismissed them there with grimaces on our faces: grimaces caused from trying to remove the bad taste of the chocolates from our over-burdened taste-buds. There, in their place of relegation, they lay gathering dust and disgrace for sometime until the rubbish bin beckoned.

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