Update: Chocolates Kept Under the Couch…

Curiosity got the better of me and I had to check if the box of those infamous ‘de luxe’ chocolates (see previous blog) were still to be found tucked under the couch.  Yes – they were there, pushed into the dark, narrow space of “under the couchland”. Mum said she hadn’t given them a thought, so out of sight and out of mind, they had lain there untouched since Christmas Day. But Mum’s next thought then led to her worrying about what this said about her lack of vacuuming, because if she had vacuumed under the couch she would have discovered them. (I have to add that she may not have poked a vacuum under the couch but she is certainly not complacent about housework and she need not worry.)

We did get the box out from under the couch and we did open it, but still weren’t tempted (not even slightly tempted) to try the chocolates… not even a nibble.

If we leave them there long enough one day they will become collectors items. When they appear on Antiques Roadshow in the future the dialogue will go something like this: “This box is in fabulous condition and many a keen collector would love to own it. How did you come to own something like this?” And I would say: “It was given to my family as a Christmas present many years ago now”. The valuer would then go on to add: “And if we open the box we see just about a full set of chocolates, and they have been stored carefully in the original fitted box. Now I must say, this will detract from the value. What I might suggest is that you tip out the chocolates and the value of the box will increase……”

Oh, so true.

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