Crunchie Bar Icecream

Now for something not so healthy…..

This is the most simple and easy to make icecream. Even simpler than the Instant Icecream recipe (see previous blog). It is also addictive – dangerously so. It sets well without forming ice crystals.

After tasting this I was inspired to think of different variations – such as: mars bar, chocolate drizzled through it, fruit flavours – the variations are endless. No doubt there will be future updates on this icecream subject, (lets call it research!)

 Crunchie Bar Icecream

 600 ml cream

1 tin condensed milk

3 crunchie bars

2 tbsp (or more) Baileys or Kahlua

Whip the cream until it is soft but not fully whipped.

Add in condensed milk.

Smash crunchie bars in their wrappers with a rolling pin and add.

Mix all together and freeze.

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