Crunchie Bar Icecream

Now for something not so healthy….. This is the most simple and easy to make icecream. Even simpler than the Instant Icecream recipe (see previous blog). It is also addictive – dangerously so. It sets well without forming ice crystals. After tasting this I was inspired to think of different variations – such as: mars […]

Bean and Tomato Bake

Bean and Tomato Bake  This recipe is designed for simplicity because everything goes into a crockpot and then goes into the oven. But, as with most recipes, Mum changes them. I think her changes add flavour because she browns several ingredients in a pan before adding them to the crockpot. Her changes also cut down […]

Update: Chocolates Kept Under the Couch…

Curiosity got the better of me and I had to check if the box of those infamous ‘de luxe’ chocolates (see previous blog) were still to be found tucked under the couch.  Yes – they were there, pushed into the dark, narrow space of “under the couchland”. Mum said she hadn’t given them a thought, […]

Trifle (for breakfast)

I thought that children were supposed to be up before parents on Christmas Day, but apparently not so here. Early on Christmas morning – and I mean early – Mum was in the kitchen making a start on the trifle preparations. By the time I found her in the kitchen, she had already made the […]

A few Tips and Theories

Recipes such as Tabouleh call for lots of lemon juice. To make squeezing lots of juice easy and to keep pips out of the juice, Mum has a handy tip. She keeps a piece of netting in the kitchen drawer. Mum’s LEMON JUICING TIP: wrap a lemon half in a piece of netting and squeeze. […]