“How Ironic”

How ironic that I should find myself wanting to write about cookery, since generally I think of anything to do with this subject to be problematic and a chore.  Although, if this statement was refined it would read more as: I do not like cookery or find it fun in the slightest unless I am cooking with my Mum. 

I have the utmost respect for Mum’s culinary skills, so I feel that it is time to start writing about and sharing the advice and skills that I am lucky enough to learn from her.  Not to mention the gastronomic creations that I observe in Mum’s kitchen, the recipes we use, and the wine we drink (of course!)

In essence, this is really to give gratitude to my Mum on the subject of cooking.  So thanks Mum, this blog is for you (although you don’t know about it…..yet!)  xx 🙂

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