Dessert – Instant Icecream

But we didn’t stop there!  Dessert was lined up on the menu to be Instant Icecream.  And instant it is.  This recipe only involves 3 ingredients – fruit, soy milk, and icing sugar and is ready to eat about a minute after you start making it!  It is also very versatile and almost any fruit can be used.  (This comes with a word of warning – based on experience – nectarines can prove troublesome for food processors to chop when frozen, even in small chunks.  This experience was very frustrating, but was worth the effort as the taste was amazing.  Just allow time for the frustration part).

This time though, we used strawberries.

Preparation is easy:

just chop up 2 cups of the fruit you wish to use into small chunks and freeze.

Also freeze about 1/2 cup of soy milk (vanilla flavoured is best).  (You can use milk or cream or yoghurt).  Make sure it is spread out to freeze so it is easy to break up later.

When ready to make the icecream, tip frozen fruit into food processor and process until finely chopped.  Add 1/2 cup of icing sugar and mix.  Break up frozen milk and add into processor.  Mix and there you have instant icecream.

You can mess around with the ratio of fruit/milk.  For instance we used lots of chopped strawberries and less milk and ended up with a strawberry sorbet – for which Mum aptly coined the word ‘strawbet’.  Very funny, Mum.

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