Dessert – Instant Icecream

But we didn’t stop there!  Dessert was lined up on the menu to be Instant Icecream.  And instant it is.  This recipe only involves 3 ingredients – fruit, soy milk, and icing sugar and is ready to eat about a minute after you start making it!  It is also very versatile and almost any fruit can be used.  (This […]

Hottest day of summer so far – dinner & wine

For dinner on the hottest day so far this summer, a day that had us wishing for winter to come early, we were in the hot kitchen, where we fried halloumi cheese, boiled pumpkin pieces (which were then sprayed with oil and put into the oven to brown under the grill), and boiled some asparagus spears. We heated […]

Rhubarb Cake

I arrived at Mum’s at lunchtime (well timed, but not on purpose), to find that a rhubarb cake had just come out of the oven.  The cake was intended to be (or not to be – as it turned out) a relatives birthday cake, but Mum and I could imagine a lovely slice on the plate covered in custard….and […]

“How Ironic”

How ironic that I should find myself wanting to write about cookery, since generally I think of anything to do with this subject to be problematic and a chore.  Although, if this statement was refined it would read more as: I do not like cookery or find it fun in the slightest unless I am […]