New Nordic Cuisine

I have just finished reading a book called How to be Danish : a Journey to the Cultural Heart of Denmark by Patrick Kingsley, and felt inspired to write this about the chapter entitled: “Ramsons and seaweed: the Nordic food revolution.” In 2004 the New Nordic Cuisine movement was founded by Claus Meyer and Rene […]

‘Tickling the Taties’

This was Mum’s first experience growing potatoes, and now she wishes she had done so earlier. This all came about when some potatoes in Mum’s pantry started to sprout shoots and she decided to put them to good use. Mum put the sprouting potatoes aside in the garage for a week to let the sprouts […]

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She Knows…

  Mum knows what I have been up to now – I have finally shown her the blog. It has only taken three or so years, to get around to this, over which time I have slowly mentioned it. I just wasn’t ready yet. I had taken the first step by getting a friend to […]

“Mish-Mash Muffins”

    This is a standard muffin recipe that is actually called ‘Feijoa Muffins’, but Mum is always coming up with new combinations of fruits to add to the recipe. So with this in mind, Mum set out to make muffins out of frozen stewed fruit, plus some fresh rhubarb that she had to hand. […]