The Trouble With Takeaways : or Why I Don’t Like Eating Out

  This first tale involves a burger bar that does not sell average burgers. It is a franchise that prides itself on selling “gourmet” burgers. So gourmet, in fact, that they put in extra toppings for free resulting in making me take about 5 years before I could face another burger. And even to this […]

Supermarket versus Farmers’ Market : Part 2

The Farmers’ Market: One sunny January morning we set out to pick raspberries and blueberries at a berry farm. It was shut. As it turned out this was fortuitous as we headed off to the local Farmers’ Market instead. An impromptu visit can sometimes be the most rewarding as there are fewer expectations […]

Supermarket versus Farmers’ Market : Part 1

Supermarket Experiences: A friend and I were in the supermarket to find ingredients for dinner. At the checkout a young male checkout operator held up a vegetable and asked “whats this?” And I noticed the checkout operator next to him give a little smirk, clearly amused by his question. I had hesitated in answering as […]